Hello World!! The beginning of a journey

Everything that comes in this world always have the very first day whether human being or any product. This ishi ‘Hello World’ from my blog. This is my very first blog and the very first post and I trust it is a beginning of a great journey this global community is a part of this journey. Some people will join as a traveler and some will remain here with me for the life time. Though the term ‘Hello World’ is from computer world which was coined by Brian Kernighan as part of the documentation for a programming language in 1972 but here we have nothing do with the programming.

I always wanted to help others with whatever I know on various topics as I always help my friends around me so I found blogging a medium to reach a large number of people.

With this blog I’ll try to cover wide array of topics like Travel, Technology, Food, Friendship, Relationship and so on. You can also request any topic if you want and I’ll help in every way possible. When we try to do something out of our normal way of doing for our passion or dreams, there will always be those people who will come and demotivate you. This is what happened with me as well, people started giving me their so called ‘Intelligent’ advice stating ‘why I should start this blog’.

Obviously I did what people do ‘I postponed’ this idea and here I’m 5 months late with my work. Then I learned ‘how to ignore naysayers’ from life and do what you love and finally prepared the blog and this is my very first post. Though I’m not very good in writing skills but as other skills it can be learned and hope in future you will see the improvements in my writing as well. This is going to be a fantastic journey full of good experiences and resorviour of knowledge.

I thank you all for reading this and please provide your valuable suggestion for areas of improvements.

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