Hi everyone and welcome to Golden Ink Media blog and my name is Bobby. This is my very first blog on the internet. I’ll try to keep this explanation short but will also try to share everything with you about this blogging thing. On this blog I’ll try to cover many topics from almost every domain to share information with you that can help you to achieve something really good and positive in life. I got to know about blogging few years back when I actively started exploring internet apart from social media platforms.

I helped my friend in starting his blog on blogspot in 2011 which helped both of us to learn many new things like how a website works, how content is updated on the sites and so on. But unfortunately because of his busy schedule he discontinued it and I didn’t have time either so eventually it was shut. One thing that was stuck in my mind in those days was I’ll start blogging in future for sure and here is my blog.

On Golden Ink Media I’ll try to share any topic that I think should be shared with you and that will help all of us like Travel, Business, How-To, Computer, Food, Personal Experience and so on. Please help me to grow this and make it reach thousands of people worldwide. If you have any suggestion or if you want to suggest any improvement then feel free to drop me an email. I’ll really appreciate that.