8 things you can relate if you are an intorvert

There are 7.4 billion people in the world and everyone is unique. Some people feels it very easy to connect with others and for some people it is very hard to connect with. Some people are so talkative and some people are shy and less talkative. For people who are talkative and comfortable with unknown persons are considered social, friendly and so on. On the other hand people who are not like that are underestimated. Reserved, Shy, awkward are the terms people use for an introvert. The thing that most of the people overlook about an introvert is that they are incredibly good people in terms of everything.

Here are the thing you can relate to if you are an introvert or if you are one who already know any such person and it will change your perspective towards them.

They’re social: Introverts are very social people. It is a bit different that they (most of the time) don’t start any conversation but once you will start conversation with them you will find they are so good at explaining what they think about something you are talking about.

They’re deep thinker: At a particular time even when they are sitting idle or calm, there are lots of things running in their head. They do great research on any topic and when they talk about anything, most the time it is sure that they did a great research into it and are clear with it.

They’re challengers: They have great challenging skills in any area and don’t reveal anything important for their opponent as a clue or gives very small cues that will increase the excitement but doesn’t harm them in anyway.

They’re very loyal: It is one of the primary characteristic of an introvert. They take care of any relationship whether Business, Personal or social and whom they are spending their time with. They are like a gem in terms of everything specially relationships.

They don’t need attention: They do what they want to do and doesn’t expect any limelight and don’t wanted to be in center of attraction. They don’t want attention from people for anything, they just remain relaxed and enjoy the moment.

They give priority to the person they are with: They prioritize the person they are with than themselves. They give time to other person to speak and share his/her thoughts rather than telling other about themselves.

They are good listener: Listing is one of the really good quality that introverts possess. Because they are good listener they have good knowledge of various things, not necessarily the academic but general knowledge as well.

Don’t get bored alone: Yes, even if they are sitting alone and have no one near them to talk to. They enjoy their own company as well. In this way they get time to know themselves and other as well

There are so many other qualities that an introvert have that I couldn’t mention to keep this article a good read. What do you say, comment below.

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