10 hard truths that people learn late in life

10 hard truths that people learn late in life

As a human we are living in the world which is changing so fast that we miss so many things and most of them are very tiny details but very important in life. Here we are connected with every-other person and it is sometimes good but most of the time affects us as an individual in many ways but we are not able to find why?

Here I’ve compiled a list of 10 harsh truth that I learned in my life and the people around me. It wasn’t easier to accept but eventually I had to.

1. You’re alone: Yes, you’re alone in this world even if you are sitting with your best buddies. They are with you in your life but sooner or later your bonding will fade with time and everyone will get busy in their normal life (repetitive 365 days routine).

2. Only you have to face it: If you’re in any problem (e.g. health, study, job or relationship) you have to face it alone, family or friends may help you but it is you who will either face it or will run away.

3. Happiness is from inside: Most of the people think that Money is everything, but No! It is the most important thing in life and you can buy all materialistic things with it but happiness can’t be find in the market it is from within. There are people having billions of dollars in the bank but still not happy, why?

4. You’re an object: That’s right, people in some way will use you as long as you serve their purpose and then what? They will throw you and will move on in their lives by giving you a very nonsense and stupid reason.

5. Mind is so damn powerful: We usually overlook its importance apart from our daily work. It is the PowerHouse of everything a human can do, all you need to do is to think about it and slowly and gradually you will see yourself doing things beyond your imagination. Try it.

6. Be yourself: More than 70% people are not what they truly are. Everyone tries to fake something in their personality daily and want to achieve any objective for any apparent reason. This thing will affect you at some point in life that is 100% true. So “Be Yourself”, don’t copy others, whatever the reason is.

7. Road to Failure – Try to please everyone: Try to please everyone and you will dig your own grave with your own hands and yes that’s true. Pleasing everyone will lead you to nowhere, ‘being gentle and trying to please’ are completely different things, don’t mess them. Not everyone in your life is meant to pay attention at, just ignore some bastards!!

8. Don’t Share: We all have heard a phrase in our life “Sharing is Caring”. Time is changed so the meaning of this phrase at some extent. If you’re working on something even if it may help thousands of people, don’t share it even with your closest friend or share only that part of the information which is safe and not going to affect you in any way.

9. People will judge you at the end: Whatever it may be, Good or Bad people will judge you. So live your life free and don’t care about what other think of you.

10. Law of Attraction: This is the most important thing you should learn, whatever you continuously think will affect you in some way in the same day or later, Good or Bad, Love or Anger, Positive or Negative. Control your thought process for getting desired results.

I have so much to share with you but don’t want to make this post long hence will share it with you in other coming articles. Please share you suggestions on these points in the comment box.

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